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Tpa is looking for electronic technicians to add to our software design and technical support teams. These are the ideal profiles of the appliants:

  • Industrial technicians, freshly graduated in electronics or IT, with knowledge of Microsoft operating systems, Visual C# and/or Visual C++.

  • Industrial technicians with an electronics or IT degree, with work experience in the automation field who can program PLC controls.

  • Graduates with university degrees in computer science, electronics engineering, electrotechnical engineering, and computer engineering.

If your profile is like those above, you can send your resume to, specifying your qualification, your work experience, your computer skills, which foreign languages you can speak, and any further information that might be useful to qualify your professional profile.

Expanding our workforce

We are looking for 5 .NET software developers for our new projects with the following requirements:

  • Knowledge of C++ and C#;

  • Good knowledge of English;

  • Willing to travel to customers and trade fairs.

Optional requirements:

  • Good knowledge of mathematics and geometry;

  • Good knowledge of Open Cascade.

We will evaluate profiles with any level of experience.

We are looking for electronic fitters with the following requirements:

  • High school degree in electronics, or any related subject;

  • Willing to work overtime, if asked;

  • Knowledge of Italian.

Optional requirements:

  • Can use oscilloscopes;

  • Can read wiring diagrams;

  • Can fix circuit boards.

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